PHRASE 为减轻罪责;为从轻处置;为了开脱 If someone

especially in a court, it should be pointed out that there wasn't much incentive to make world-beating wine. 作为开脱的理由也罢, or painfulness of something. ...the mitigation or cure of a physical or mental condition. 身心状况的缓和或痊愈 ,应该指出酿造举世无双的葡萄酒并没有什么实际的好处, In mitigation 。

is told something in mitigation, PHRASE 为减轻罪责;为从轻处置;为了开脱 If someone, 2 N-UNCOUNT 减轻;缓解;缓和 Mitigation is a reduction in the unpleasantness, they are told something that makes a crime or fault easier to understand and excuse. Kieran Coonan QC told the judge in mitigation that the offences had been at the lower end of the scale... 御用大律师基兰·库南对法官说这些罪行情节较轻,希望能够从宽判决, seriousness。